I wanted to bring your attention to an upcoming topic on our Town Council Agenda on May 18th.

Town Council will discuss the topic of medical marijuana dispensaries.

The Town currently has a ban on medical marijuana dispensaries. When medical marijuana was on the ballot, over 70% of Jupiter voters voted to allow the sale for medical purposes in 2016.

The Council would like to hear from you on allowing individuals eligible to purchase medical marijuana under Florida’s laws as approved by Florida voters, to purchase their medicine in Jupiter and not require medically eligible people such as veterans suffering from PTSD or cancer patients to incur additional transportation or delivery costs just to receive their medication.

Link to medical marijuana item: https://www.jupiter.fl.us/DocumentCenter/View/27413/22?bidId=

I look forward to hearing from you.

Councilman Ilan Kaufer

    Do you support or oppose lifting the medical marijuana dispensary ban in the Town of Jupiter?

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