Spring 2019 Update

May 4, 2019
Summer Update
July 5, 2018
Re-elected to Third Term
May 4, 2019

Education Task Force:

The education committee I have continuously advocated for has been established and committee members were appointed to the committee in December. The Task Force will focus on providing information and recommendations to the Town Council regarding school capacity, school renovations and construction regarding the public schools in the Town of Jupiter. The Task Force will also provide information to Town Council concerning after-care and summer program availability and evaluate alternatives that might be available should there be a gap in services currently available. I am proud to have spearheaded the effort to establish this Task Force and look forward to its recommendations.

Cinquez Dog Park:

The Town opened up a new dog park on Indiantown Road. The park welcomes dogs of every size. It has separate sections for small and large dogs. Each equipped with agility items and pavilions where the owners can sit and watch their dogs play. A dog wash section is also included. I like to say “Jupiter is the most dog friendly town in the state.”

2019 Strategic Planning Sessions:

In January, the Town Council hosted two strategic planning sessions. At the time of submission for this issue, the strategic priorities have not been finalized, but some of the priorities that will carry over from last year include: strategic planning around the construction of South Island Way, historic district planning, Abacoa baseball parking planning,  and traffic mitigation strategies. I asked that the following new initiatives be considered:

  • Reduce drunk driving in the town
  • Identify of projects to improve the safety of existing bike lanes
  • Each of these priorities were adopted and I look forward to providing updates later this year.

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